Bridge Morgan


Bridge Morgan

Certified Advanced Rolfer

Bridge Morgan loves to help people return to the activities they enjoy most.  He has been fascinated with human potential since childhood.  After experiencing the balancing effects of Rolfing as a teenager, Bridge was prompted to ask more questions about the nature of health. This led to a degree in East/West Psychology from The Evergreen State College, before continuing on to The Rolf Institute, The Colorado School of Energy Studies, and The Barral Institute.  Practicing as a full-time Rolfer since 2002, he then became a Certified Advanced Rolfer in 2006.

Specializing in working with the systems of the body, Bridge continues to study and teach Cranial, Visceral, and Neural approaches to better health in a holistic context. From this unique perspective, he is committed to helping people find real solutions.

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Bridge Morgan
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