Liza Morgan


Liza Morgan

Licensed Massage Therapist and Certified Yoga Instructor

Liza began her love for natural healing at Metro State while receiving her BS in Holistic Health and Wellness with a minor in Nutrition.

After years as a yoga instructor, doula, childbirth educator and midwifery student, a trip to Thailand inspired a new passion for Thai massage. Liza loves the blend of yoga with massage and the uniqueness of Thai massage.

Liza also specializes in adaptive yoga which makes hatha yoga accessible to people with disabilities.

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>>Thai Massage
>>Swedish Massage
>>Prenatal Massage
>>Adaptive Yoga Classes


  • Thai Massage
  • Prenatal Massage
  • Adaptive Yoga

Liza Morgan
(720) 810-0182


Click on the above links to visit Liza’s website and learn more.